We offer a pluggable toolbox of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) components, to help financial institutions execute on their business models more efficiently by shortening time-to-market and sharing the development costs with the rest of the industry.

The services implement best-in-class turn-key solutions to a number of common risk management challenges, and run on the world's most secure cloud infrastructure. Also, they are immediately available without the presence of any of the usual build-your-own project risks, or key-person risks associated with ongoing in-house model development and maintenance.


Client Case Study

As this is a new initiative, there are not yet any substantial client case studies to read about. If you are interested to be the first, we would love to speak to you about executing a proof-of-concept to further investigate the benefits of our standardised risk management SaaS components.

Our Solutions

Financial Advice

We offer a number of key components for automated financial advice:

  • Product rank - Component for providing automated advice including risk profiling, savings goal definition and investment product advice. Machine learning-enabled for improving provided advice over time. Can be configured to provide a varied selection of suitable products as part of the advice.

  • Monitoring - Savings goal tracker keeping tabs on ex post and ex ante risk adjusted return, savings goal feasibility and more. Can be used to drive customer communication or automated rebalancing or reallocation strategies.

  • Product Review - An analysis of customer-value-add used daily to monitor the advice you give to your customers and make sure they are free of any conflicts-of-interests with respect to third-party inducements and other fees.

Our solutions will enhance the value of the financial advice provided to your customers and offer an easy way to start harvesting the benefits of cost-efficient cloud-based SaaS-components.