We offer a pluggable toolbox of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) components, to help financial institutions execute on their business models more efficiently by shortening time-to-market and sharing the development costs with the rest of the industry.

The services implement best-in-class turn-key solutions to a number of common risk management challenges, and run on the world's most secure cloud infrastructure. Also, they are immediately available without the presence of any of the usual build-your-own project risks, or key-person risks associated with ongoing in-house model development and maintenance.


Client Case Study

Client Situation

Our client, a large pension provider, had defined a strategic shift toward a fulfilling the needs of their customers through digital as well as phone and physical channels for advice. What was needed was a concrete roadmap defining their journey toward full balance sheet and product suite advice capabilities.   


We offered to co-create a concrete roadmap through a short-term pre-study which also included an evaluation of suitable software components to use as building blocks. During an intense three-month pre-study we together with the client we defined the end-goals, reviewed the current state of their capabilities and defined more than a hundred requirements. Key components of our delivery included

  • Vision of fully built out capabilities - together with the client we co-created a series of stepping stones leading up to a solution that fully built out represented a state-of-the-art hybrid advisory platform.
  • Information and requirements gathering - through our efficient framework based on broader workshops intertwined with interview sessions in smaller groups.
  • Stakeholder management - by providing well-timed analytics and other decision support material we managed to maintain a well-functioning decision making process throughout the entire pre-study.


Armed with vision, gaps and requirements the client went ahead with the transformation and we continued to support them with innovative solution designs, requirement analysis and development of core advice technology.

The first results have now been released and start to benefit the customers of our client, and exciting times will follow when KPI:s of various impact goals now can be  measured and evaluated.

Our Solutions


OutRank is a SaaS service for providing automated financial planning advice including:

  • customer risk profiling, 
  • automated advice, and
  • advice value-add analysis.

Thus, OutRank is a key enabler for banks and other financial institutions to switch to a truly sustainable business model where the incentives of the provider of advice and the end-customers are perfectly aligned.

Main benefits of OutRank:

  • support for holistic advice for the entire balance sheet (assets as well as liabilities) of the end-customer,
  • support for financial products (linear and non-linear),
  • highly scalable and secure cloud-based solution.

Product Review

Product Review provides a comprehensive framework for evaluating and monitoring the absolute and relative quality of investment products. The primary use case is to automate and enhance the investment product review for large financial distribution platforms, e.g. unit-linked platform or bank savings platforms. 

With Product Review you can:

  • understand what investment products offer similar risk and return characteristics,
  • visualise what investment products offer high, mid, and low customer value,
  • detect systematically underperforming asset managers (this is also important from a fraud detection perspective considering the last years highly visible scandals related to fraudulent fund managers trying to extract additional fees from investment products by circumventing regulation with respect to transaction costs).

With additional modules you can also:

  • monitor provided investment advice from a customer value-add perspective, and
  • extend the quantitative monitoring of funds or asset managers currently offering low customer value with news and social media filters picking up on any investigative journalism related to the underperforming managers.