Managed Services


We offer a pluggable toolbox of services or Process-as-a-Service (PaaS) to help financial institutions upgrade their operational efficiency by outsourcing non-core computational aspects of their risk management processes.

The services implement best-in-class turn-key solutions to a number of common risk management challenges and run on the world's most secure cloud infrastructure. Additionally, they are immediately available without any of the usual build-your-own project risks, or key-person risks associated with ongoing in-house model development and maintenance. 

Client Case Study

Client Situation

A retail bank having implemented a new digital investment guidance tool in their mobile app required a model management process to be put in place to meet internal and external requirements on quality and regulatory compliance.  


We offered out Model Maintenance service covering the needs from a business as well as regulatory perspective:

  • Validation of scenario-sets updated on a monthly basis mitigating the risk of providing the entire customer base with faulty savings goal information through the client's widely used mobile banking app
  • A yearly model validation ensuring that the scenario-sets provided by a third-party vendor continued to adhere to pre-defined statistical characteristics
  • Mapping of investment products to the risk factors of the underlying scenario model


The validation process was up and running in a fraction of the time and about a fourth of the cost it would have taken to build the necessary team and IT infrastructure internally. We helped our client achieve this by:

  1. Offering a highly flexible and affordable Model Maintenance service
  2. Enabling our client to share the development costs through our client base of non-core, but required tools and processes
  3. Removing the burden of recruiting, training and retaining highly specialised members of staff in an in which a substantial risk of key person dependence develops over time

Our Solutions

Model Maintenance

We provide managed services covering key aspects of the additional maintenance workload that comes into play when providing financial advice derived from a realistic simulation-based scenario model. The additional maintenance work can be categorised as follows:

  • Investment Product Management - Our solution take away the time consuming work of mapping and maintaining mappings of investment products to risk factors of your scenario model.

  • Model Control - Running continuous controls and monitoring of your scenario model output is both time consuming and resource intensive as well as a regulatory requirement. Without proper automation in place it also poses a serious key person risk as the work is generally demanding from a skills and expertise point of view. 
  • Model Calibration - Calibration of bespoke risk factors or in-house views differing from the calibration provided by an external third-party vendor; but also monitoring services for detecting when the views of your own asset managers differ enough from the calibration of the model driving the automated advice platform to warrant an adjustment

  • Model Validation - These services involve monitoring and control of model performance, both daily and prior to model parameter updates; but also more infrequent validation of the statistical characteristics of the model.

With our solution you can offer your end-customers top quality advice without all the hassle of maintaining the underlying model. Simply put, we provide you with care free model ownership.