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Empower data-driven financial decisions


Propose is the module of OutRank®  responsible for the underlying mathematical optimization within digital and hybrid financial journeys. Based on the utility theory, Propose calculates and determines strategies allowing the end user to achieve their financial goals. Propose includes our flexible framework for risk and economic profiling.

360-view of customers’ finances

Propose can recommend optimal or most suitable actions or products considering the end-customers balance sheet, risk preferences and financial goals.

Based on utility theory

The optimization is driven by calibrating a utility function with constant relative risk aversion (CRRA).

Equipped with flexible profiling

Our methodologies include risk profiling assessing an individual’s attitude to risk, as well as economic profiling categorizing personal income levels and expenses.

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Cutting-edge Algorithms Powering Holistic Decision-Making

  • Instead of performing all calculations simultaneously and risking building slow digital experiences, Propose classifies and re-calculates data at different frequencies, ensuring outstanding performance.
  • The Propose logic can be tailored to represent the preferred style of guidance and advice, allowing your financial institution to fully preserve the decision-making strategies constituting its identity and brand.
  • Propose generates suggestions that include various types of optimisations from simple such as working out how much an end-customer must invest each month to reach a certain financial goal to more complex cases such as the selection of the investment products given the specific risk profile and the savings goal. Propose can also perform on-the-fly portfolio optimisation and generate the next-best actions from data on portfolios of existing customers.

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