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Smart Forecasts for Scaling Your Business


Forecast is the module of OutRank® which delivers predictive forecasting functionality driving various financial planning use cases and digital journey elements. Forecast leverages our scenario-based approach to illustrate the impact of future movements of financial markets on a portfolio or customer balance sheet while reflecting your institutions’ house views and risk factor universe.

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Due to its unique balance sheet approach, OutRank® Forecast can be tailored to any use case that requires financial simulation, cash flow modelling, or their combination. You can forecast any balance sheet items and a holistic view of a customer's economy, including pensions, mortgages and investment management.


OutRank® Forecast can help you, and your customers visualize and navigate the uncertainty of their financial decision-making. It can power decision-making tools in your mobile app or on your website, or be integrated into the relationship management tools, making customer meetings more informative and interactive.


A multi-period, scenario-based approach naturally captures all important complexity of financial decision-making. It supports each business area as well as the holistic analysis of a customer’s financial life and it allows you to answer the widest possible range of your customer’s questions about their financial future.

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Key Components of the Realistic Outlook

  • Amplified by the cloud, OutRank® Forecast can evaluate thousands of realistic scenarios per second, contributing to a fast and seamless customer experience.
  • OutRank® Forecast supports the level of granularity required by your business model, and its behaviour can be tailored to support your brand and your way of working.
  • OutRank® Forecast is an API that is flexible enough to support you at any stage of your digital transformation journey. Whether you are starting from complementing your website with interactive graphs or updating your existing customer platform with new features, you are sure to add value with Forecast.

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