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Skandia Case Study II: Building Channel-Agnostic Wealth Experiences

Skandia strives to build communication channels in a digital space that would match the physical experiences in engagement levels and even improve the service quality in a way that has not been achievable before.

Skandia Case Study: Pioneering Seamless Digital Wealth

The financial guidance and advice services, which constitute the life insurer’s core business, were among the first to go through the transformation. Joakim Pettersson, the digital strategy and innovation lead at Skandia, believes that digitalisation is “the only way to scale financial advisory services”.

Blog Articles

Setting up OutRank®, the Financial Forecasting Software

Suppose your organization decided to leverage OutRank®, the financial forecasting API, in its digital and hybrid financial journeys. Where do you start and how do you ensure you get the most out of our analytics? We talked to Kidbrooke®’s Customer Success Team to shed some light on the onboarding and maintenance processes, the client requirements and internal expertise needed to ensure that our clients achieve their goals using our technology.

One small step: How making incremental improvements to your wealth technology can boost advisor revenue

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” said astronaut Neil Armstrong when he walked on the moon. With regards to wealth technology, taking small steps can deliver big changes, and adopting a mindset of incremental improvement can deliver value over time. Being a provider of a portfolio management system (PMS) that powers wealth manage-ment firms requires a commitment to investing in wealth technology. Delivery needs to be better, faster, cheaper than the competition. So how can you escape this conundrum?

No Compromise on Compliance: Leverage Financial Forecasting

At Kidbrooke, as we deliver software driving the mathematics behind sophisticated digital customer journeys, we actively work with compliance functions of financial institutions. We strive to reach swift turn-around times without compromising on rules and financial regulations. On this journey, we found four areas which help us and our clients optimize time-to-market and deliver reliable and responsible services.

Forecast: The Core Ingredient of Engaging Financial Experiences

It has been a few years since digital transformation appeared on the priority list of the financial industry executives. While the evolutionary process of tapping into the latest technology is continuous, the pandemic has accelerated it dramatically. Even the most conservative branches, such as wealth management, now contemplates transforming their businesses into more digitalised operations. Some financial advisors embrace innovation wholeheartedly, reaping all the benefits and facing all the risks of early adoption, while others take a more cautious strategy. OutRank® advocates an incremental, forecast-driven approach when building digital journeys for your customers or financial planners, regardless of where your competitors are in their digital transformation efforts. At Kidbrooke®, we provide Forecast, the module of OutRank®, which delivers predictive forecasting functionality applicable to various financial planning use cases and digital journey elements.