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Skandia Case Study: Pioneering Seamless Digital Wealth

The financial guidance and advice services, which constitute the life insurer’s core business, were among the first to go through the transformation. Joakim Pettersson, the digital strategy and innovation lead at Skandia, believes that digitalisation is “the only way to scale financial advisory services”.

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Cloud-native Technology: You Can Bank On It!

Let’s look at one area of banking: customer journeys in retail (and private) banking. This is an arena where all six challenges can be observed and addressed.  Many customers have multiple relationships with their bank, but these are distributed over different platforms and devices. A customer may go to a website to look at bank accounts, another for their mortgage, an app for investments and a portal for an automotive or business loan. However, there is no tool in which the customer can see his or her total net worth. The disjointed way customers experience their banking journey reflects the legacy systems upon which banks were developed.

Eight Powerful Tips for Managing Complex Implementation Projects

Managing implementation projects becomes more difficult as their technical complexity progresses. The challenges faced by project managers may include the lack of technical expertise required in quality assessment and staffing activities, failure to address the communicative issues or letting go of the underperforming project staff. This article suggests eight powerful tips for leading convoluted IT implementation projects, which would protect the workflow from the common pitfalls and help you reach your goals.