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Steps to heaven - How to take your customers on a journey to the land of digital trust

Fredrik Daveus, CEO at Kidbrooke®, explores how to build trust in digital wealth management for the Swiss WealthTech Landscape Report 2021 by The Wealth Mosaic.

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The Hybrid Wealth Business: Focus on Technology

Modern technology has enabled self-service wealth management where end-customers can investigate, learn and make decisions about their financial situation. This marks the beginning of the democratization of the industry, where seamless guidance through the intricacies of personal finances is available for those who would not previously have the privilege of using the services of a financial advisor. However, combining technological advancements and the human-led service of a financial advisor in many cases leads to a better experience. This effect is achieved through empowering an expert with the tools that help them improve the quality and content of their work to levels previously unachievable. At Kidbrooke, we provide technology enabling financial advisors to build trust and truly future-proof their business models without losing the human connection. In this article, we describe two important elements of the customer experience that a hybrid model could add to any modern physical advisor’s arsenal:

Digital Assets: Should Wealth Managers Go Decentralized?

In March, Mike Winkelmann – the digital artist known as Beeple – took the art world by storm selling an NFT of his work at Christie’s for $69 million. According to the auction house, this sale positioned him among the most valuable living artists. Since this first-of-its-kind transaction, the interest in NFTs (non-fungible-tokens) specifically and digital assets in general has risen dramatically. The wealth management community has received the news with a degree of skepticism – there is a consensus that all things involving blockchain technology are too risky to consider. However, the accelerated digitalization of the economy, the continuous development of distributed ledger technology and the growing ecosystem of players in digital custody, exchange, venture capital signal that the digital assets are here to stay. In today’s blog, we discuss digital assets and their underlying value, the potential impact of the expansion of metaverse on this asset class as well as look into one of the main challenges when it comes to this type of assets – managing uncertainty.

WealthTech Trends for the 4th Quarter 2021

Every quarter, we summarize the three most prominent trends in WealthTech and we are excited to share our latest summary with you today! In the forth quarter of 2021, we noted that successful wealth managers will make the most of advanced analytics. Second, that having an investment strategy with respect to digital assets will become critical in metaverse. And third, that leveraging technology to better engage with clients will likely pay off.

WealthTech Trends for the Third Quarter 2021

Every quarter, we summarize the three most prominent trends in WealthTech and we are excited to share our latest summary with you today! In the third quarter of 2021, we noted that it's increasingly important to acknowledge the environmental, social and governance aspects of companies' performance as the sustainability reporting matures. Second, accessing digital capabilities through partnerships is one of the most efficient ways for incumbent financial institutions to deliver competitive services to their customers. And third, customer engagement is one of the most important activities that a financial services firm can undertake. Not only does it build customer loyalty by developing relationships with customers, it will ensure they choose you over the competition.