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Part I - Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks

In this article series, we present a machine learning-based approach to solving a common problem in financial modelling where one is faced with the task of estimating the value of a function which requires a significant amount of computation to evaluate. More specifically, a function that corresponds to a so-called nested simulation aimed at, for example, estimating a capital requirement for a financial institution or the risk associated with a structured product for a retail investor.

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Unprecedented Uncertainty

Those of us working in financial services are tasked with trying to quantify the impact the pandemic is having on the global economy.  If for the purpose of this analysis alone, we selectively classify the outbreak as a financial crisis, we see a familiar pattern of behaviour: A flight to safety away from risky assets has certainly been evident in the past 6 or so weeks. Bonds, the dollar and (to some degree) gold have all benefited from the market volatility.  The global financial crisis of 2008-9 is a relatively recent reminder of the last time we witnessed similar moves in asset prices. Therefore, it is absolutely reasonable to look for a correlation between that crisis and where we might head in the coming months and years.

Summary: The Impact of the Spanish Flu Outbreak on Swedish Economy

Should we classify the impending pandemic recession as genuinely unprecedented? Global outbreaks of infectious disease have devasted humanity historically, but so far in the past that many could claim this outbreak is indeed unparalleled. The last pandemic of comparable scale took place more than a hundred years ago when the Spanish flu outbreak disrupted Europe in the immediate aftermath of the First World War. Although it’s clear that the world was very different at that time, it is valuable to examine the implications of this pandemic recession. To do so, we summarize the research by Karlsson M. et al, (2014) which provides an excellent description of the context and a thorough analysis of the economic implications of the Spanish Flu outbreak in Sweden in the early twentieth century.

Eight Powerful Tips for Managing Complex Implementation Projects

Managing implementation projects becomes more difficult as their technical complexity progresses. The challenges faced by project managers may include the lack of technical expertise required in quality assessment and staffing activities, failure to address the communicative issues or letting go of the underperforming project staff. This article suggests eight powerful tips for leading convoluted IT implementation projects, which would protect the workflow from the common pitfalls and help you reach your goals.