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Personal Accident Insurance: Would My Savings Suffice?

Today’s case study examines a real-life experience of a Swedish family who struggled to receive adequate help from the local wealth management service providers.

OutRank User Guide: The Walkthrough of the Digital Investments Use Case

Welcome to our brand-new series describing the elements of digital financial experiences you can build using OutRank API!

Steps to heaven - How to take your customers on a journey to the land of digital trust

Fredrik Daveus, CEO at Kidbrooke®, explores how to build trust in digital wealth management for the Swiss WealthTech Landscape Report 2021 by The Wealth Mosaic.

Evida Case Study: How to build an innovative financial advisor in under seven months?

Evida began its path as a family office managing a wide range of assets for wealthy families. Initially, the Swedish financial advisor outsourced the management of equity and fixed income positions to other parties. However, the combination of their interest for factor-based investments and dissatisfaction with wealth management services provided by the largest banks in Sweden, Switzerland and Luxembourg convinced Evida to build their own digital advisory service.

Blog Articles

PRESS RELEASE: Kidbrooke Announces New Customer: HAYAH Insurance

Kidbrooke®, a leading provider of financial analytics APIs, confirmed the signing of its newest client, HAYAH Insurance. Kidbrooke will be providing HAYAH Insurance with OutRank®, its financial simulation engine driving the ALM functionality for self-service goals-based investment journeys.

One small step: How making incremental improvements to your wealth technology can boost advisor revenue

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” said astronaut Neil Armstrong when he walked on the moon. With regards to wealth technology, taking small steps can deliver big changes, and adopting a mindset of incremental improvement can deliver value over time. Being a provider of a portfolio management system (PMS) that powers wealth manage-ment firms requires a commitment to investing in wealth technology. Delivery needs to be better, faster, cheaper than the competition. So how can you escape this conundrum?

No Compromise on Compliance: Leverage Financial Forecasting

At Kidbrooke, as we deliver software driving the mathematics behind sophisticated digital customer journeys, we actively work with compliance functions of financial institutions. We strive to reach swift turn-around times without compromising on rules and financial regulations. On this journey, we found four areas which help us and our clients optimize time-to-market and deliver reliable and responsible services.

Be seen to be believed: Using financial simulation to inspire your clients

Remembering her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth the II, she often said that her public appearances were important because “I must be seen to be believed.” How can wealth managers help clients visualize their financial plans? Using technology to simulate different scenarios, provide analytics and keep clients engaged is one way to proceed.